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At Heartfelt-Products we offer useful products designed for Dementia plus we have a range of useful products including some pet products.

I always said my Aunt was my top sales girl!! As she use to sell our ICE Alert pocket leather medical wallet to Dementia/Memory clubs in Norfolk.  She was so supportive of my endeavours and was like a second mum to me, we were very close.  Then my Aunt fell ill, she lived 250 miles away in Norfolk which made it hard to visit (She had also just bought a house in Bideford and never got to live in it) so I made her a quilt using all the fabric themes she would like such as florals in green and embroidered photographs of the family onto the quilts to cheer her up.  I would ring her 3 times a day to see how she was and she would say she was covered in her quilt and surrounded in the family’s love, she felt we were all there with her.  So last October when she died it was a dreadful time and the Funeral Directors in Norfolk could only offer us clothes or a gown to have her cremated in which just wasn’t enough.  It was at this point we suggested the quilt which they loved and said ‘You need to do this for everyone!!!’  It was such a shock to hear how delighted they were over it so it took a few months of thought to bring about our Happy Quilt and Quilt of Memories which we can now bespoke and offer to everyone. 

We have been fortunate to gain Design Protection for our Quilt of Memories and with the interest we have received from Funeral Directors we hope that this product will help a lot of people emotionally.  We have been informed that this is quite a nurturing product which will bring comfort to a lot of people, which was good news to hear.  We are able to produce quilts for any age plus we also make Happy Quilts, which are designed to cheer people up so ideal for adults/children who are poorly, a relative who lives far away, someone in a Hospice or Care Home or to celebrate an event such as a Christening, Birthday, Retirement present the list is endless.  We are also working on Weighted Blankets for people suffering from Anxiety, Memory Mats and Quilts for people living with Dementia all of which we can liaise with relatives/Care facilities to bespoke for people.  We also have Design Protection for dog/cat cremation/burial bags as our loving pets should also have beautiful coverings for their final journey.  Our fabric range is growing and all are handmade with love in Devon.

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