ARAMIS Rugby Ltd

ARAMIS Rugby Ltd


ARAMIS is a British sports equipment manufacturing brand, specialising in rugby. Aramis Rugby, is mostly known for its Scrum Machines, Balls, Training equipment and High performance kit & Clothing, being the official supplier to many Rugby premiership teams in UK and worldwide.

The word ARAMIS is derived from the famous Three Musketeers characters, depicting the passion & team spirit of Rugby.

Founded in 1927, the parental company of ARAMIS RUGBY is the world’s leading manufacturer of rugby equipment. Aramis Rugby (France) was established in 2000, followed by Aramis Rugby (UK) in 2003. In 2013, its headquarter was incorporated at South Molton, Devon, UK. The company’s headquarters are now in UK with factories in India and offices worldwide. Aramis Rugby continue to supply majority of rugby sellers in Europe – be it Rugby Scrum Machine suppliers or Rugby Clothing suppliers.

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