Make UK: Managing the complications of employee quarantine

The Government has announced that from 8 June all passengers returning to the UK from overseas will need to self-isolate for 14 days. According to the Government guidance, during the self-isolation (quarantine) period, returning travellers will be prohibited from going to work, school, any public areas, or using public transport or taxis.

In addition, those returning from abroad will need to complete a form providing contact and travel information before they travel to the UK, and provide evidence that they have done this when they arrive at the UK border.  This will ensure that they can be contacted if they, or anyone they have been in contact with, develops the virus.  The information provided will also allow the authorities to monitor compliance with the new quarantine rules. 

After a lengthy period under lockdown, many employees may be keen to travel abroad for their summer holidays or to visit friends and loved ones overseas.  So what can and should employers do if employees have booked personal travel abroad, given that under these new rules returning employees may need to take an extra two weeks off work to self-isolate?  Here we take a brief look at the scope of the rules and some of the difficulties that employers might face.