Make Uk – Manufacturing Our Road to Recovery

Make UK has today launched our plans for the future: ‘Manufacturing Our Road to Recovery’ which sets out how to:

  1. Boost economic confidence
  2. Ensure a safe return to work
  3. Build resilience

Download the pdf handout:

Make UK has also launched a ‘Back to Business’ pack which includes:

  • Return from Furlough template letter – designed to help organisations appropriately communicate to an employee when they are to return to work following Furlough
  • HR & Employment law checklist -outlining key areas of compliance and workforce planning
  • Health and Safety checklist – covering the considerations and risk assessments to carry out following shutdown
  • Production and Operations checklist – outlining key processes, procedures and business continuity across your entire operations
  • Pre-recorded webinar by our experts giving advice and tips to help you get you back up and running, as quickly as possible

This is freely available to NDMA members or £75+VAT to non-members. It can be accessed here.

Members can register here: in order to obtain a login.

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Online Resources

The wealth of knowledge on our coronavirus hub continue to be updated and can be found on our website:


Thank you to those who have already provided PPE contacts. Please do continue to send these in – Lord Deighton’s office are keen to hear from anyone with capability and capacity to manufacture high volumes of PPE in the UK. For convenience I have attached a copy of my original email.

Manufacturing Monitor

Thank you to everyone who has sent out the latest Monitor survey. If you sent the questions to your members and are collating results, please do send the data over to me by midday on Monday.