Appledore Shipyard Closure

A task force has been set up to address the closure of Appledore Shipyard in March.

Excerpt & photo from North Devon Gazette

It is estimated the closure, scheduled for March 15, will cost the local economy around £10million a year.

Some 199 jobs are at risk, with another 70 in the supply chain at risk, according to Torridge District Council.

The council said the owners are already actively marketing the site for marine use and from a planning perspective there is likely to be three years of ‘protected use’ for the site, which would restrict applications for any change of use during that time.

While some prospective bidders for the site have come forward and other opportunities are being pursued there are no credible bidders at this moment in time.

Now a multi-agency task force has been set up, and held its first meeting on Thursday in Bideford.

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