Higher Level Engineering and Manufacturing Apprenticeship Opportunities

Petroc are offering the following apprenticeship opportunities, which are a productive and effective way for any business to upskill existing staff.

Engineering Manufacturing Technician – Higher Apprenticeship – Petroc College
This Level 4 Engineering Manufacturing Technician apprenticeship will provide specialist technical support for engineers, so that organisations can develop, produce or test new/existing products, processes, or procedures to meet customer specification.

Software Developer – Higher Apprenticeship – Petroc College
This Level 4 Software Developer apprenticeship will help developers gain knowledge in the technical aspects of software engineering, technical competencies and other relevant skills.

Technician Scientist – Higher Apprenticeship – Petroc College
This Level 5 Technician Scientist apprenticeship provides essential knowledge and skills for progression as a technician or laboratory scientist in biomedical science, public health or food quality control.

Click the course links for further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss further, please do get in contact with Petroc’s Business Engagement team by emailing [email protected] or call on 01271 852407.