Business Masterclasses – Strategic Development Fund Project

Free and funded informal training in March 2023

These courses are run by Petroc and funded by the Strategic Development Fund.

The Strategic Development Fund is a government funded project that has enabled a consortium of colleges to link directly into the local skills, education and business priorities. It is giving our collaboration of colleges and training providers the opportunity to focus our curriculum development for the future and ensure that our site, facilities and courses are closely aligned with the most innovative and relevant economic areas. The industries we are focussing on are: Advanced Manufacturing, Green Construction and Electric Vehicles alongside an underpinning theme of Digital development.

As part of the Strategic Development Fund Petroc College has developed some Masterclass sessions to take place over the next 2 months. These will last 2-3 hours and include:

  • Artificial Intelligence, presented by Barr Media
  • Augmented Reality, presented by Barr Media
  • Blockchain, presented by Barr Media
  • Digital Marketing Strategies, presented by Barr Media
  • Retrofit, presented by 361 Energy
  • Decarbonisation, presented by 361 Energy

We can support attendance financially to cover the costs of releasing staff to attend, at £200 per staff member per workshop. To find out more Information and to see If you as an organisation qualify, please email me for more Info [email protected]

To secure your place please book through the relevant Eventbrite links below –

  1. Artificial Intelligence 22/03/2023 11.00 – 13.00

AI is going to change the world. Learn about the history, the current opportunity and how businesses are starting to leverage AI. The masterclass is designed to help you start thinking about how you can implement and benefit from AI within your own business or organisation.

  • Augmented Reality 23/03/2023 11.00 – 13.00

AR has the power to not only help you look at shoes on your feet or play pokemon! It has the power to drive many other metrics from efficiency to engagement. Learn how you will be using AR more in your everyday life and how organisations can use AR for more than just experiences!

  • Blockchain 24/03/2023 1100 – 1300

Unless you fall within the 4.2% of the population, the likelihood is that you literally have no idea what’s coming! $33 billion was invested in crypto technology start-ups in 2021 and they are re-inventing our world as we speak! And yet, the likelihood is that at best you have heard some narrative that may not be true! Barr Media will take you on a journey of discovery that starts to educate you on the reality of blockchain technology, its used cases and how you can start thinking about how the technology could help you.

  • Digital Marketing Strategies 20/03/2023 – 31/03/2023 to access at your convenience

Barr Media helps start-ups bring their game-changing ideas to life through software innovation. We turn cutting-edge concepts into market-ready products.

Barr Media created ‘Learn’ as a platform that will help guide you through the very strategies the marketing team use to help start-ups grow and scale. The Learn platform can be viewed at your convenience during the project and will give you a thorough introduction to digital marketing that can be applied to every business or organisation. Learn consists of a variety of videos to watch, and activities to complete that help reinforce your learning. The masterclass offers a comprehensive structure that will help you kick-start your own digital marketing strategy effectively.

  • Retrofit 06/03/2023 15.00 – 18.00

Find out what retrofit means and what is involved in retrofitting a home. Looking at home as a whole unit and thinking about both behaviour changes and energy efficiency measures to reduce energy usage and be more energy efficient and reduce the carbon footprint of the home.

  • Decarbonisation 13/03/2023 09.30-12.30

Sustainability – What does that actually mean?

Find out what the Sustainable Development Goals are and how to use them as a valuable tool.  Learn to understand a simple cash positive roadmap to Net Zero. Find out what happens to residual carbon, insetting vs offsetting and retrofitting and adding on site renewables.

We also have an event showcasing all that we have achieved through the Strategic Development Fund and to demonstrate how we will move forward.

Emerging Technology conference at Saunton Sands Hotel, Thursday 23 March 2023, 12 noon – 4pm.

Please click on the link to book your place. We look forward to welcoming you there.