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Schools Alumni Week 24th – 28th April 2023

The first ever Schools Alumni Week will take place from 24th – 28th April 2023.

Established by education charity Future First, the aim of the week is to highlight the positive impact that relatable role models can have on young people, and how alumni can fill this position.

From your postcode to the family you’re born into, there are so many factors that affect the opportunities you receive. This most often means that young people who are at a disadvantage are missing out on valuable experiences, opportunities, and invisible networks.

Our aim is to see every state school and college in the UK, and every state school pupil, supported by a thriving and engaged alumni community, which improves students’ motivation, confidence and life chances. We’d love for you to support and raise awareness of our cause by sharing our message, signing up as a volunteer, or using our resources in your schools.

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