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Survey: Priority Areas for Diverse Opportunities for Young People

Kailo is a project that is focused on addressing some of the key factors that impact on a young person’s mental health and wellbeing.

At the moment we are focused on how we might support young people into different opportunties, jobs and careers, and we’d love to get your thoughts on what we should be prioritising, in terms of what you think would make the biggest difference for young people in North Devon at the moment.

We have identified 4 ways we can address this challenge and we need you to tell us which you think would have the most impact if we were to design a solution for this!

We would be really grateful if you could answer this very short survey which asks you to rank the following in order of impact with regards to supporting young people into diverse jobs,  opportunities and careers: 

  1. Making diverse opportunities more available and people more aware of them 
  2. Support parents to feel more confident to support their young people into meaningful employment 
  3. Ensure young people have safe spaces to explore interests skills and encourage to take positive risks when it comes to jobs and careers 
  4. Ensure young people with diverse needs are best supported into employment by schools during their education. 

The survey should only take you a couple of minutes!