NDMA AGM 2020 report

The NDMA AGM took place at the Tawstock Restaurant on Wednesday 4th March


This was the first to be hosted by Chairman Paul Mullen, with a detailed report on the association’s progress over the year. Thanks and praises were made to outgoing officers including Phil Scotcher and Godfrey Tucker, Chairman and Secretary respectively for many, many years.

The report highlighted excellent progress that has been made in terms of membership, events and outreach to schools, promoting STEM subjects. Targets for 2019 have been achieved and many new initiatives have been put in place. The organisation has once again increased its reach through the website and email newsletters, helping to share information on the excellent manufacturing taking place in Northern Devon and highlighting important events and items of interest.

A report on the development of the Schools Robot Challenge highlighted some of the new projects underway, supported by several manufacturers and the report finished with a call for entries to the NDMA Awards 2020 which is now officially open.

The sitting committee was re-elected without challengers, although Mr Mullen pointed out that any manufacturing members who would like to take up a position on the committee would be very welcome!

An excellent buffet provided courtesy of the Petroc students at the Taw Restaurant was provided whilst delegates enjoyed a networking break

Lean exercise

Phil Halse of SWMAS once again provided a fascinating lean project sample to turn the tables on the group, in the form of a machine setting exercise.

The task involved assessing practical work instructions and then formulating methods and adaptations to reduce machine setting time between product lines. The two teams that took part were able to reduce setting time from an initial 12-18 minutes to around one minute by applying some basic modifications. Although it was presented in a reduced format, this example assessment of processes provided a fascinating activity and great fun.