Plastic Free July

It’s Plastic Free July and there’s plenty to get involved with

Simply setting personal targets such as choosing plastic-free alternatives in your weekly shop or opting for a reusable coffee cup can be a great start. Businesses can get involved too. How about setting a goal to remove an element of plastic from your product packaging, or encouraging staff to embrace reusable or plastic-free food containers?

Already well established and doing great things is Plastic Free North Devon…


Plastic Free North Devon is a local environmental charity started by volunteers who want to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment in North Devon and beyond.

Our mission is to protect and improve our environment through community-led action to combat plastic pollution.

We aim to achieve this by helping people to recognise the relevance and value of the environment to their lives; to see and experience first-hand the impact of plastic pollution on nature; and to support good choices in purchasing, use and disposal of plastics, as we move to a more sustainable community.

By working with local communities, businesses, organisations and government we aim to:

• Raise awareness of our environment and how it is affected by plastic.
• Reduce the consumption of single-use plastics in North Devon.
• Clear waste plastic from our coasts, waterways, countryside and urban areas.
• Recycle and dispose of used plastics in an appropriate way.