Stepping up to Net Zero: Assessing your product’s impact

A Net-Zero Exchange event from Plymouth university in collaboration with SWMAS

How much carbon is in a product? And what does that really mean?

Whether you’re involved in making products, designing products or buying products to provide a service, assessing carbon could empower you to make greener choices. Sometimes just a few simple changes can make a dramatic difference to your emissions and, in most cases, improve your bottom line.

Join this free Net-Zero Exchange event where we’ll review the drivers for understanding the environmental impact of a product or service, explore tools and get tips for calculating carbon, and hear from those who have successfully taken steps to reduce their footprint.

22 February | 16:30 – 18:30 | Main Campus, University of Plymouth, and online

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Speakers include:

  • Paul Gilbert from SWMAS, sharing top tips on how to calculate your carbon footprint
  • Sarah Holmes and Adam Richards from Womble Bond Dickson outlining legal drivers for considering carbon
  • Russ Wakeham from Two Drifters Distillery, talking about his company’s journey to producing a carbon-negative product

This event is great for any enterprise designing, manufacturing or purchasing products roles. This event will give an overview of why businesses should measure their carbon footprint and how, empowering them to make greener choices.