Dymond achieves the ‘Olympic Seal of Approval’ for the TX3 Total Training Tower!

When we design-engineered and manufactured the TX3 we had confidence in its form and function.

We knew that this elite standard and affordable training rack would be perfect for athletes everywhere.

Now the GB Team agrees with us. What a fantastic endorsement for the Dymond TX3!

Proud moment indeed!

The TX3 is going to the GB Olympic and Paralympic training village at this year’s Tokyo Games.

The TX3 STANDARD size has been chosen because, at 2 metres tall, it allows for ample head clearance when doing chin-ups and pull-ups in a standard-height room. This means that the teams can set up in their hotel room and stick to their exacting training regime even if they have to quarantine.

The TX3 also boasts an additional 3rd pull-up grip position which has a 45° angle to accommodate users who have limited shoulder mobility. The TX3 will make sure that the athletes’ fitness levels are games-ready.

You can find more information about the TX3 at https://www.dymondengineering.co.uk/custom-metal-products-service/tx3-the-total-training-tower-2/ or at www.totaltrainingtower.co.uk

What a Great British achievement!