Graphene-Printed Fabrics

Heathcoat Fabrics has recently introduced an innovative range of fabrics featuring a unique graphene-print technology, showcasing the company’s expertise in advanced performance textiles.

Known for their 3D spacer, mesh, and other high-performance knitted and woven structures, Heathcoat Fabrics has introduced these new materials to demonstrate their capabilities in incorporating cutting-edge technologies.

Graphene is an extremely lightweight, very thin and incredibly strong carbon-based material. It has many unique properties, for instance electrical and heat conductivity, resistance to high temperatures, natural anti-bacterial properties and superior durability.

Through collaborating with an Italian graphene-print technology company, Heathcoat is now capable of achieving these concept fabrics through refining a process to print a water-based graphene paste onto textiles. The newly launched fabrics feature a distinctive honeycomb pattern, highlighting the structure of graphene’s carbon atoms.


Benefits of Graphene-Printed Fabrics

  • The fabrics are lightweight and knitted in a fine gauge whilst also carrying some of the unique properties of graphene.
  • Used in thermal regulation, these textiles can deliver advanced heat dissipation and offer an increased cooling rate of up to 60%. This allows for garments made from this material to spread body heat throughout and prevent overheating.
  • These graphene prints also have a good level of electrical conductivity, meaning they can be suitable for anti-static applications such as PPE. 
  • Availability for multiple variations of Graphene Print Patterns
  • Additional qualities include a strong surface resistivity that makes it well suited to anti-static applications, as well as antibacterial properties.

Exciting Markets and Applications

Sportswear and Active Clothing – benefitting from anti-bacterial, cooling and thermal comfort effects.

Healthcare and Medical – benefitting from the anti-bacterial and cooling effects.

Personal Protective Equipment – benefitting from anti-static and cooling effects.

Military Apparel – benefitting from high durability, thermal comfort and cooling effects.

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