Investment casting company Investacast is set to double its production capacity as part of a £0.5 million investment programme by its new owners, Expromet Technologies Group (Expromet).

Investacast has an investment casting foundry and precision machine shop at Mullacott Cross, Ilfracombe, North Devon and a network of casting and metal-forming partners in Asia. Investment casting allows manufacturers to produce complex shapes quickly and efficiently that would be difficult or impossible using other manufacturing techniques.

The investment in the business reflects the growing strength of the company’s key industry sectors – aviation, oil and gas, process equipment and safety products– and will allow the company to boast a range of new capabilities to transform its manufacturing systems.

Since its acquisition by Expromet in March 2017, Investacast has enhanced its Ilfracombe production operations with the installation of a new Gas-Fired Rotary Hearth Furnace, a new Heat Treatment Furnace and a new Wax Pattern Injection machine.  It has also increased its workforce from 65 to 85 to support new business growth.

Alistair Schofield, CEO of Expromet, commented: “Investing in our people and manufacturing processes is a key part of our business plan. It will help us ramp up production to meet the growing requirements of our customers, as well as creating valuable additional capacity as we look to develop the business further”.




About Expromet

Expromet Technologies Group is a UK-based precision casting business with 130 employees. The Group offers design and engineering services, investment casting, sand casting, gravity die casting and precision machining from its manufacturing facilities in Ilfracombe, North Devon; Romsey and Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Working across a variety of sectors including aviation, defence, energy, medical, marine, communications and other performance-critical industries, Expromet’s customers benefit from a strong UK engineering and manufacturing capability, supported by a network of partners across Asia which offer additional supply chain capabilities.