National Manufacturing Apprentice Competition

Local marketing specialist, AMI runs a national manufacturing apprentice competition and is encouraging entries from North Devon Manufacturers

The competition is social media driven and seeks to find the very best Apprentices currently working within the UK Manufacturing industry.

Read a recent interview with Will Hunt of AMI HERE 

See a list of this years winners HERE

About the competition

We launched the competition this year to find and recognise the best apprentices currently working within the UK manufacturing industry. The purpose of this competition was to reward current apprentices who are excelling in their role and promote apprenticeships to companies in the UK manufacturing sector.

As is often reported, there is a large skills gap in the UK as found through our client base, as the biggest problem they (UK manufacturers) face is recruiting skilled staff. Often companies spend 3/4 years training apprentices only for them to move on soon after the completion of their training. The competition rewarding apprentices, after being nominated by the line manager, will give them the recognition they deserve.

At present we don’t have contact with schools / training programmes etc so are unable to promote to ‘youngsters’ in the country. However with our social media connections and contacts we are able to broadcast the competition to a good number of UK manufacturers, however we would like to reach out to many more.

How to enter the competition

Info page  –

The Competition:

  • 12 “Apprentices of the Month Winners with an overall “AMI UK Manufacturing Apprentice of 2018.”
  • Prizes for each monthly winner (£100 vouchers of choice)
  • Prize and award for the yearly winner who is judged best of the 12 “Monthly Winners” (prize to be determined)

To Enter:

  • The candidate needs to be involved any aspect of UK Manufacturing on an Apprentice scheme
  • The candidate needs to be nominated by someone within your company with a cover story with reasons for the nomination (used for the write up)
  • Once an apprentice has been entered, their entry will be valid for the whole year and could be awarded ‘Apprentice of the Month’ in any month from entry.
  • Simply email [email protected] or [email protected] to enter.
  • If chosen as a monthly winner, we will request a picture of the apprentice.
  • All information and entry details will be kept private.

Judging Criteria:

  • Dedication to the job and employing company • Recent success and qualifications
  • Outstanding effort academically and practically
  • Overcoming obstacles / problems faced
  • Reasons/factors that set them apart from others