Lineal ISO photo

South West Tech Company Awarded Twin ISO Certifications

A Devon-based technology company has successfully been awarded two UKAS accredited ISO Certifications – ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Lineal Software Solutions Ltd. were awarded the two internationally recognised industry standards in November, successfully achieving a rare double certification in both quality management and information security management.

The IT and managed services provider, headquartered in Barnstaple, works across a wide range of technical services from IT support to software development, cyber security and telecommunications – and hailed the remarkable double success.

Highly prized among UK businesses, ISO certifications are extensively examined by an independent auditor to check strict compliance with good business practices. Each ISO management system must be continually reviewed and improved in future years.

Managing Director Mike Matthews praised staff for their efforts, explaining:

“In our industry, what matters most is trust in technical expertise. Everything looks impossible until you know how to do it! We are so proud of our team, who not only took on this intense challenge over many months but succeeded. Twice.”

Lineal attributed part of their run of success to the in-built advantages of their own SQLWorks ERP software – which included many of the controls necessary to implement a quality management system. In particular, auditors praised the way Lineal’s own software automatically logged a forensic record of the actions of Lineal staff, the efforts of the company to incorporate customer feedback, and the team’s work on safeguarding against errors.

Throughout the ISO audit process Lineal were supported by Balazs Bagi of Improved Ways Ltd, whom they thanked for his expert knowledge, guidance and training.

“Thank you once again to our entire team for their hard work.”

Lineal ISO photo