Petroc to pilot Industrial Placements

The government will be introducing T Levels (Technical Levels) as of 2020, which will be rolled out within a chosen number of colleges across the UK.

T Levels intend to provide a clear vocational pathway for progression into Higher Level Apprenticeships that can be obtained within industry. T Levels will include 15 pathways, which the government plans on introducing in waves. T Levels will include a compulsory industrial placement of 315 hours per academic year. The government plans to have three separate routes within further education consisting of A levels, T levels and Apprenticeships.

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Industrial Placement

Industrial Placements are part of a new government initiative introduced in preparation for T Levels. T Levels will commence within selected colleges from 2020. Petroc is one of 54 colleges that are piloting the industrial placement this academic year, in preparation for T Levels. As of 2020 this industrial placement will run alongside the T Level. All vocational subjects are involved in the pilot of the industrial placement throughout this academic year.  This is an exciting opportunity to provide the government with employer feedback directly from the industry to enact positive change for the future of technical studies.

This initiative will enable 16-19 year olds studying at Level 3 to complete a work placement within their chosen industry. This placement is taken on voluntarily by committed learners who see great value in obtaining first-hand knowledge directly from employers. The learner will have already completed a year of study, equipping them with a foundation of knowledge before embarking on this placement. A work placement provides employers with the opportunity to begin to train and mould learners in line with their industry. This should pave the way for future training and employment opportunities, benefiting both the employer and learner.

Petroc is dedicated to providing its learners with this competitive advantage, through providing insight into the high demands within the world of work, this will set our learners apart when seeking employment. This scheme will contribute in developing a strong working partnership with our local employers, bringing together both theoretical and practical learning. This government initiative allows employers to give back to their community and shape the next generation of industrial workers.

The placement will consist of 315 hours which equates to 45 days spent within industry. The placement can be carried out in various different capacities, dependent on what is best for both the employer and the learner, e.g. one day a week, block weeks or during college holidays. The employer has the option to pay the learner at their own discretion, however this is not a requirement. The length of the placement allows the learner to cultivate an understanding of the business, in order to hone their skills and develop their strengths and technical ability.

The employer will have a dedicated Industrial Placement Coordinator, who will work closely with the employer and learner to develop clear objectives and a structured plan. Throughout the duration of the placement clear and effective means of communication will be upheld to achieve a positive outcome. The Industrial Placement Coordinator will be in regular contact via meetings, telephone calls, emails and site visits to ensure the learner is on track and motivated throughout the entirety of the placement.

Placements are vital to ensure our learners are receiving a well-rounded education and prepare them for their first steps into the workplace. Please invest in the future of your industry by taking the time to inspire the next generation of workers.

If you are interested in being involved in this new government initiative or you would like further details please contact via email or telephone.

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