Devon Carbon Plan launches!

The Devon Climate Emergency project team are excited to announce that the Devon Carbon Plan has been launched, after extensive collaboration with the Net Zero Task Force and members of the public.

The Devon Carbon Plan is the roadmap for how Devon will reach net-zero emissions by 2050 (at the latest) and has been built on detailed, ongoing assessments of Devon’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Broadly speaking, emissions in Devon can be divided into five key sectors: economy and resources; energy supply; food, land and sea; transport, and the built environment. The Devon Carbon Plan will outline actions for how each of these sectors can reach net-zero emissions by 2050, and how people at every level can contribute – including individuals, communities, organisations and local policy makers.

You can find the plan on the Devon Climate Emergency website.

You can also follow Devon Climate Emergency on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for ongoing updates about the launch, upcoming Q&As, and the next steps for the Devon Climate Emergency project.

Launch Events

There will be a webinar which will review the Devon Carbon Plan in more depth on Wednesday 28 September from 6pm-7.30pm. The team hope to see you there!

  • Instagram Q&A, Tuesday 27 September 12pm where the team will be answering questions about the Plan submitted to their Instagram story
  • Twitter Q&A, Tuesday 4th October, 12pm. The team will be answering tweets about the Plan when you tag their account @devonclimate and use the hashtag #DevonCarbonPlan2022

What can you and your family do to help?

  • The plan is intended to be carried out by everyone in Devon, including local policy makers, organisations, communities, and individuals – for the plan to be successful it is key that everyone must play their part in the Plan for it to work
  • Action checklist:
    • Read the Plan
    • Identify and plan where you can contribute, and then take action
    • Follow Devon Climate Emergency on social media for further updates and tips.
    • Subscribe to the monthly Devon Climate Emergency newsletter