Bike Week encourages cycling to work in Devon

The cycling initiative aimed at encouraging people to take to two wheels runs all year and businesses can compete to achieve the best mileage for points and prizes in Bike Week!

Bike Week runs from 9-17 June and we’d love for you to join us to encourage more people to experience the joys of riding.

How do I take part?
It’s simple; go for a ride, anywhere, anytime between 9-17 June and log it on your Love to Ride profile.

Why should I take part?
Bike Week is a national event delivered in collaboration with CyclingUK to celebrate everyday cycling for everyone.

Whether you’re a weekend riding fitness fanatic, or haven’t been on a bike in years, Bike Week is the perfect time to saddle up, grab a buddy and make some noise for riding!

In the spirit of celebrating #7daysofcycling here are 7 reasons to take part:

  1. Fantastic prizes! Every day from 10-16 June one lucky participant will bag themselves a beautiful Mango Bike (that’s 7 bikes up for grabs!) You can also win a European city break for encouraging someone else to ride. Find out more here.
  2. Get a head start for Cycle September. Riding and recruiting others to ride will give your organisation a head start for our main event, Cycle September.
  3. Cycling is good for the mind. There are significant links between cycling and mental wellbeing. Just 10 minutes of riding can reduce stress and decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety (whilst giving you a great sense of freedom!)
  4. Cycling is great for the body! People who cycle regularly typically enjoy a level of fitness equivalent to someone 10 years younger – and you’ll live longer too!
  5. Enjoy the outdoors. With summer ahead of us, cycling can help you make the most of the better weather whilst getting you from A to B.
  6. It pays to ride. Those who choose to cycle to work typically save up to £3,000 a year – sweet!
  7. Travel Devon is offering free sustainable travel support to businesses in Barnstaple, Exeter, Newton Abbot! Including a free sustainable travel event. To find out more email; [email protected]

Get involved and spread the word
Forward this email to friends and colleagues, share one of these images and join in with the Bike Week UK thunderclap.

We wish you a very happy Bike Week!