Manufacturing Barometer 2024

This quarter’s Manufacturing Barometer survey has just launched!

The last Barometer highlighted how SME manufacturers were adopting digital technologies and technologies companies were investing in.

SWMAS is grateful for your valuable input, and asks that you take five minutes to make your voice heard again this quarter. If you’re an SME manufacturer, you can get involved today!

Here’s a recap of key findings from the last Barometer:

  • More than two thirds of businesses have considered using digital and automation technologies within their business
  • Nearly three quarters of firms are planning to increase investment in digital technologies over the next 5 years with the majority of firms investing up to £500,000 in this area
  • The biggest opportunities for firms at the moment are seen to be around energy efficient technologies
  • Nearly half of all respondents believe Artificial Intelligence could create opportunities for their business
  • 69% said they believe that current inflation pressures are here to stay

This quarter’s survey explores how Artificial Intelligence is being used within SME’s…

Artificial intelligence is in the news on almost a daily basis. With almost half of respondents in the last Barometer highlighting that they see this as a key technology for their growth we thought we would ask what this could really mean to your business. Add your perspective and receive a copy of the latest report directly to your inbox

Your responses will be anonymised, aggregated, and included in the Q4 2023/4 Manufacturing Barometer report (which you will receive as soon as it’s ready). This report will also be shared with local and national government to try to gather further support for manufacturers at this crucial time.