National Manufacturing Barometer Survey (Q3 2020) RESULTS

This quarter’s report uncovers trends, opportunities, challenges, and confidence levels from 284 small and medium-sized┬ácompanies across the UK’s manufacturing industry.

Special Focus: Trading beyond Brexit

As 2021 begins with an agreed EU trade deal alongside continued COVID-19 restrictions, we wanted to see how these current conditions are affecting SME manufacturers.

This report uncovers how Brexit has already impacted businesses across the sector, how they expect future trade to be affected, and the clarity and support respondents are calling for to help them adapt accordingly.

When asked in October, 47% were unable to predict how leaving the EU would affect their COVID-19 recovery. Three months on, read how these expectations have changed now the deal is done…

 Q3 2020 Manufacturing Barometer – National report.pdf

This survey covers Q3 2020 (October, November, and December), and collected responses from SME manufacturing businesses between 11th and 22nd January 2021.