Sustainability Report 7619

Make UK Sustainability report

 A new report from Make UK shows manufacturers are stepping up to the sustainability challenge:

  • 71% of companies surveyed reported that the last environmental improvement they carried out reduced costs
  • Half of respondents said they were taking steps towards greater energy efficiency
  • Nearly a fifth are going much further with imaginative and cutting edge energy efficiency projects
  • Businesses are starting to look past the immediate cost saving drivers towards sustainability for the long term
  • Investor confidence and attracting the brightest and best employees could be a significant future sustainability driver
  • A boardroom to shop-floor approach is essential to promoting change

10 June 2019: Manufacturers who put sustainability and environmental improvements at the heart of their businesses reaped the benefit in cost-savings across their business, according to a new survey released today by Make UK.

Manufacturing: stepping up to the sustainability challenge takes the temperature of sustainability progress in manufacturing and shows that despite the challenge of Brexit, 50% manufacturers are making headway with their sustainability programmes with 71% of those who implemented environmentally friendly processes seeing a reduction in their costs.