R&D Tax Credits Explained

Following NDMA/Forrest Brown event briefings, several members have successfully obtained R&D tax credits.

Forrest Brown has published a helpful booklet which explains the process:

Many companies are surprised to discover that they qualify for a cash boost from R&D tax credits

For tax purposes, the government definition of R&D is purposefully broad. Whatever size or sector, if your company is taking a risk by attempting to ‘resolve scientific or
technological uncertainties’, then you may be carrying out qualifying activity. This could include:

  • Creating new products, processes or services
  • Changing or modifying existing products, processes or services

Another way to consider whether you have been doing R&D is to think if you are disrupting your sector, or are taking risk in the work you do. Are you doing something challenging? Could your project end in failure?

For more information, contact Forrest Brown:
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