Carbon Zero Desk is born in North Devon

Collaboration between TCi and Atlas Packaging takes sustainability a step further

Launched in 2017 by TCi furniture WORKS and manufactured by Atlas Packaging, the revolutionary, fully recyclable office desk has been a huge success across industries that regularly require semi-permanent and long-term temporary working facilities, such as construction site accommodation. Thanks to the latest innovations, it’s now Carbon Zero!

The original concept focussed on addressing the landfill impact of temporary offices with a totally recyclable option, making use of recycled materials. Now, thanks to continuous product improvement, ECO360® boasts a saving of approximately 38kg CO2e compared to traditional MFC (Melamine-Faced Chipboard) and steel products.

How does ECO360® achieve net Carbon Zero?

Following customer feedback and accelerated by material shortages due to COVID-19 safety measures, TCi sought fresh assistance from Atlas Packaging, leading to the discovery of an exceptional, water resistant cardboard product that has been used to replace what was previously an acrylic plastic worksurface.

The innovative material, manufactured in Sweden from 70% recycled fibres provides wipe-clean protection and an anti-glare, comfortable working area, complemented by an all-new corrugated cable port.

“Although the acrylic surface had numerous advantages and could function as a whiteboard or document holder, we faced some resistance from clients wanting to avoid plastics altogether.” Says Ben Gibbs, Marketing & Sustainability Manager. “Despite being recyclable, acrylic is not as easy to process as cardboard and we wanted to go all the way if we could. I’m really pleased that we have been able to make this change and the feedback from clients has been wonderful!”

Following the removal of plastic elements, the resulting product represents just 5.5kg embodied carbon, which along with the CO2 emissions associated with delivery, is offset via a UK tree planting scheme and companies ordering 50 or more receive a tree dedication specific to them or their project.

Incorporating ECO360® Carbon Zero Desks as part of a sustainable office

By incorporating ECO360® desks, a 50-workstation, sustainable office setup can save nearly two tonnes of CO2e compared to equivalent products. At end-of-life, the whole unit can be placed in cardboard recycling to be remanufactured into more corrugated board and perpetuate the circular economy of materials.

“We provide ECO360® as one of a range of solutions to mitigate the carbon footprint and waste streams associated with construction site setup,” Explains Allan Clarke, Commercial Manager at TCi furniture WORKS“The impact we can achieve on reducing construction site waste is a great incentive in itself, but with the latest product development, to be able to directly reduce our clients’ upstream scope 3 carbon is a really positive step on our journey to provide genuine, sustainable solutions.”

ECO360® is not the only solution provided by TCi. A range of environmentally friendly furniture options is available, alongside a highly effective furniture asset management scheme. By implementing the removal, storage and reuse of furniture on behalf of clients, TCi is able to deliver superb carbon, waste and cost savings on projects.

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